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General Information +49 40 450173-0

+49 40 450173-99 /-98

Sales +49 40 450173-60 +49 40 450173-99 /-98
Support +49 40 450173-61 dto.
Web dto. dto. Webform

Do not assume e-mails to work in any case

Due to heavy spam attacks, we are running several strategies to keep the volume of spam-mails reasonable.

Unfortunatelly we cannot competely make sure not to decline real mails. So, please if you get a message about mail-problems, please come back to us by mail / fax or this form.

We are always answering mails within 24 hours during working days, so please come back to us in case there is no answer within one day.


telos Systementwicklung GmbH
Schlueterstrasse 16
20146 Hamburg

For spam-protection e-mail addresses are shown in a special way. Clicking on the mail addresses your email reader should show the proper address supposed javascript is enabled on your browser. In case of problems please build the address manually.